The 22 Toon Project

This was an idea I had a while ago.  Level 1 toon of each class and each faction to 90.  This of course was during Mist of Pandaria.  By the time Warlords of Draenor dropped, I was short by a measly two levels.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.42.00 PM

This feat was only to get them to 90, not necessarily very geared, just max level.  If I had only taken a couple of hours, I could have capped him and completed my project.  I started this project relatively late in the expansion and had even leveled 2 other toons on another server to level 90 first.

Well, Warlords has given me a new opportunity.  My 22 toon project has changed.  It’s time to complete this achievement, however, instead of 90 being the goal, it will now be 100.  Stay tuned.

COL264: My Two Dads

DSC_0001In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by Tom McMillen-Oakley, author of “Jesus Has Two Daddies”, who discusses being an adopted father. We talk about why he and his husband chose to adopt and what it’s like being “intentional parents”.

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