Goals Before Legion


I haven’t updated in awhile.  I really should more.  To update everyone, all my toons are currently level 100.  I have my Alliance toons all on Aerie Peak now and all my Horde toons are still on Earthen Ring.


I’ve gotten most of my toons through most of the Legendary Quest for Warlords.  I’m currently finishing up all the shipyard missions for the Draenic Sea Chart.  As of today, I only have 9 more charts to collect.  So far my score for Legendary Rings are 3 toons down, just 19 more to go.


Tier 9

While I’m doing this and wrapping up Warlords, I want to get ready for the new transmog system that is coming in Legion.  To start this, I’m working on getting each of my toons a Tier 9 Raid set.  I’m going to update each character’s page with an image of them in the set. Some won’t have their helms showing as I want to show off their face.  So far I have Wyndchill and Wyndmight’s sets completed.