Times Change, The Legion Comes

WyndsamaWarlords of Draenor is finally coming to an end.  My raid team has gone on hiatus until the next expansion and I have reach some of my goals for Warlords.  All 22 of my current toons are max level 100 and have legendary rings.  I am currently working on getting best in slot crafted items for each of them, although I will probably not be able to by the time Legion launches next month.  If anything, my goals for Warlords have been met.

Legion provides a little bit more challenging goals and a change to my Pandaren Shaman as my main.  In addition to adding two Demon Hunters to my alt army, I have Artifact Weapons to deal with.  This provides an extra goal for the Legion expansion.  Here is a list of my current goals:

  • Level all 24 toons to max level (110)
  • Aquire one of each artifact weapon (36 weapons)
    • Aquire all class artifact weapons on each toon. (72 weapons)
  • Max out the artifact tree for artifact weapon.
    • Max out all artifact trees on all toon.

These are just my primary objectives and others may come available in the future.

Until Legion launches on August 30th, I’ll be working on expanding the new Wardrobe feature in the game and playing some other games like Diablo.  When August 30th rolls around, I’ll be waking up from a hangover from celebrating my birthday on the 29th and going to town on the new expansion.