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Times Change, The Legion Comes

WyndsamaWarlords of Draenor is finally coming to an end.  My raid team has gone on hiatus until the next expansion and I have reach some of my goals for Warlords.  All 22 of my current toons are max level 100 and have legendary rings.  I am currently working on getting best in slot crafted items for each of them, although I will probably not be able to by the time Legion launches next month.  If anything, my goals for Warlords have been met.

Legion provides a little bit more challenging goals and a change to my Pandaren Shaman as my main.  In addition to adding two Demon Hunters to my alt army, I have Artifact Weapons to deal with.  This provides an extra goal for the Legion expansion.  Here is a list of my current goals:

  • Level all 24 toons to max level (110)
  • Aquire one of each artifact weapon (36 weapons)
    • Aquire all class artifact weapons on each toon. (72 weapons)
  • Max out the artifact tree for artifact weapon.
    • Max out all artifact trees on all toon.

These are just my primary objectives and others may come available in the future.

Until Legion launches on August 30th, I’ll be working on expanding the new Wardrobe feature in the game and playing some other games like Diablo.  When August 30th rolls around, I’ll be waking up from a hangover from celebrating my birthday on the 29th and going to town on the new expansion.


Goals Before Legion


I haven’t updated in awhile.  I really should more.  To update everyone, all my toons are currently level 100.  I have my Alliance toons all on Aerie Peak now and all my Horde toons are still on Earthen Ring.


I’ve gotten most of my toons through most of the Legendary Quest for Warlords.  I’m currently finishing up all the shipyard missions for the Draenic Sea Chart.  As of today, I only have 9 more charts to collect.  So far my score for Legendary Rings are 3 toons down, just 19 more to go.


Tier 9

While I’m doing this and wrapping up Warlords, I want to get ready for the new transmog system that is coming in Legion.  To start this, I’m working on getting each of my toons a Tier 9 Raid set.  I’m going to update each character’s page with an image of them in the set. Some won’t have their helms showing as I want to show off their face.  So far I have Wyndchill and Wyndmight’s sets completed.



I have another toon at 100!  Wyndwar has reached max level and will probably be Glad stance for awhile.  That’s 9 classes down, two more to go for my first milestone.  Here are my standings:

Toon Faction Race Class Level
Wyndfang Alliance Worgan Death Knight 100
Wyndknight Alliance Draenei Death Knight 100
Wyndshot Alliance Pandaren Hunter 100
Wyndchill Alliance Pandaren Mage 100
Wyndsan Alliance Pandaren Monk 100
Wyndmight Alliance Draenei Paladin 100
Wyndlight Alliance Pandaren Priest 100
Wyndrew Alliance Pandaren Priest 100
Wyndsama Alliance Pandaren Shaman 100
Wyndhowl Alliance Worgan Warlock 100
Wyndwar Horde Tauren Warrior 100
Wyndbrew Alliance Pandaren Monk 92
Wyndblind Alliance Pandaren Rogue 92
Wyndmane Horde Tauren Hunter 91
Wyndknight Horde Tauren Death Knight 90
Wyndgem Horde Tauren Druid 90
Wyndwyld Alliance Worgan Druid 90
Wyndburn Horde Pandaren Mage 90
Wyndmist Horde Tauren Monk 90
Wyndbane Horde Tauren Paladin 90
Wyndsun Horde Tauren Priest 90
Wyndstab Horde Pandaren Rogue 90
Wyndcraft Horde Tauren Shaman 90
Wyndlock Horde Orc Warlock 90
Wyndfury Alliance Pandaren Warrior 90

The 22 Toon Project

This was an idea I had a while ago.  Level 1 toon of each class and each faction to 90.  This of course was during Mist of Pandaria.  By the time Warlords of Draenor dropped, I was short by a measly two levels.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.42.00 PM

This feat was only to get them to 90, not necessarily very geared, just max level.  If I had only taken a couple of hours, I could have capped him and completed my project.  I started this project relatively late in the expansion and had even leveled 2 other toons on another server to level 90 first.

Well, Warlords has given me a new opportunity.  My 22 toon project has changed.  It’s time to complete this achievement, however, instead of 90 being the goal, it will now be 100.  Stay tuned.

COL264: My Two Dads

DSC_0001In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by Tom McMillen-Oakley, author of “Jesus Has Two Daddies”, who discusses being an adopted father. We talk about why he and his husband chose to adopt and what it’s like being “intentional parents”.

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So I was walking my dog, Sonnet, this morning and when I squatted to pick up her poop . . they ripped.  It was my only pair of shorts I had so I needed a new pair.  I ended up with four.